Doglost and FB in the Telegraph.

Article out today by The Telegraph highlighting sharing missing dogposts on FaceBook.  Another reason to have a central  database Doglost ….where posts dont go missing….read more here…

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    LisaP 4 years ago

    Great to see this issue being highlighted! x

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 4 years ago

      Our tech team who have contacts high up in FB will be contacting Facebook to resolve this issue.

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    Jan Lancashire 4 years ago

    Certainly is LisaP.I got a 7 day ban as i was actually sharing this post !!!

  3. Avatar
    CJ 4 years ago

    Well i have shared this article as well lets hope i don’t get a ban as well!!
    Great news that the Doglost Tech team have contacts In FB .

  4. Avatar
    CJ 4 years ago

    Also don’t forget can share using twitter…

  5. Avatar
    Helen Jermy 4 years ago

    And I’m the next one to be banned for 7 days, unreal!
    All my posts for missing dogs have been removed from my groups, how are we expected to help these poor owners that are searching for their dogs!

  6. Avatar
    Jan Lancashire 4 years ago

    Oh no not you too Helen.Thank goodness we have the website to add any updates etc

  7. Avatar
    Christine Hinton 4 years ago

    I was banned a couple of days ago until the 5th December with absolutely no warning and ALL of my posts in any groups have been removed for the duration of the ban again with no warning and Facebook did not inform me this would happen…. absolutely ridiculous and obstructive to the point this type of behaviour by Facebook could be detrimental to the safety of missing animals – fuming is an understatement!

  8. Avatar
    GeoffA 4 years ago

    My turn now – banned until 2nd December! This will severely impact the promoting of lost and founds in Scotland. I have appealed direct to Facebook and hope that the DogLost Tech Team can also help get the ban lifted.

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