Dog with hay fever gets prescribed lycra onesie so he can go for walkies again.

It’s not just humans who have to deal with the itchy eyes and runny noses symptoms of hay fever. Dogs can get hay fever too. However, while dogs sneezing can look utterly adorable to us, it’s obviously no fun at all for them. Which is why Stan the Hungarian Vizla has been prescribed a lycra onsie so he can finally go for walkies again. The seven-year-old pooch was diagnosed with a pollen allergy about three years ago, which would leave him itchy and sore after walks outside. His owner, Kirsten Armitage, tried several remedies over the years including Piriton, creams and omega fish oil, but nothing seemed to work. Until she stumbled across a cure online – a dog onesie. ‘Every time we went out he’d be itching and nibbling for ages afterwards,’ explains Kirsten, from Manchester. ‘He was getting progressively worse and it was heartbreaking to see. The vets advised to keep going with the Piriton but it wasn’t working.’

PIC FROM Caters News – (PICTURED: Seven-year-old Stan, from Manchester, wearing a onesie as he suffers from hay fever. PIC TAKEN ON 14/06/18) 

Stan does get a few bemused looks from passers by but he doesn’t care – and actually quite likes it – because he gets to play with his ball again. Kirsten’s reason for her colour choice makes our hearts swell. ‘I decided to go with the brown suit to match Stan’s colouring so he didn’t stand out too much but people do still look at him and smile,’ Kirsten reveals. ‘As soon as he tried it on though he loved it. You could tell he felt quite cocky, he likes being the centre of attention, his tail was in the air and he was loving it. ‘He’s a gun dog so running to fetch a ball is what he loves best. Now he can do what he loves again.’

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