Dog auditions open for Oz production

A theatre production of the Wizard of Oz is holding auditions for a special pooch that can look adoringly at Dorothy as she sings Over the Rainbow.

The New Theatre Royal in Lincoln is staging the production in April.

Artistic director Natalie Hayes-Cowley said those auditioning needed to be small, obedient, and not bark at the audience during the “iconic song”.

“We are looking for a dog who can have a lovely relationship with Dorothy,” she said.

As part of the auditions – which take place on Sunday – the performing pooches will have to sit with Dorothy, played by Sophie Towns, while she sings.

‘Just the two of them’

They will have to cope with stage lighting and different sound effects, including applause.

“Dogs are like children and can be unpredictable,” Ms Hayes-Cowley said.

“So, we will test the water to see how they cope with the different sounds.”

She said the main thing was to see the dog with Dorothy while she sings.

“It will just be the two of them on stage under a spotlight, and it’s easy to visualise a dog tugging to get away and barking at the audience.”

She added that her own dog Louie would not be auditioning as he was “a real mummy’s boy” and would be too nervous to be on stage.

The theatre’s box office should be notified of any potential stars in advance.

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    Janice Wiggin 2 years ago

    Wishing Bramble good luck for her audition Jodie, she really is the most amazing little character!

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