Designer dog smugglers are using EU loophole to make millions

smuggling under-age puppies and heavily-pregnant animals across Europe to UK in ‘shocking’ 30-hour journeys

  • Dogs Trust urges Government to redraw the non-commercial pet travel rules
  • It says they are being exploited to smuggle puppies to UK from eastern Europe
  • Pet travel scheme was changed to allow puppies to enter UK much younger 
  • Now unscrupulous dealers are using opportunity to make millions of pounds

    The Government must take urgent action to stop under-age puppies and heavily pregnant dogs being smuggled across Europe for sale in the UK, campaigners said.

    An undercover investigation by the Dogs Trust found animals were being forced to travel more than 1,000 miles across Europe in ‘shocking’ conditions to meet the demand for fashionable breeds of dogs.

    The Dogs Trust said that as the UK leaves the EU, the Government should redraw the non-commercial pet travel rules, which are being exploited to smuggle puppies to the UK from central and eastern Europe.

  • Since the pet travel scheme, currently governed by the EU, was changed to allow puppies to enter UK at a much younger age, unscrupulous dealers are using the opportunity to make millions of pounds from illegally importing them.

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  1. Avatar
    S Williams 3 years ago

    Do you know I am so tired of this…. Designer dogs them selves bless them are part the problem over dog theft….

    Some breeds are not as easy as people think…See how many beautiful dogs end up in Rescues for extensive rehab….

    Dogs are not designed to sit in handbags, be dressed up like dolls etc….. They are DOGS….

    Idiots (sorry but they are) pay thousands for cross breeds…

    These people … I am just so tired of it…

    They are fueling this, puppy farms and dog theft…. Why can’t they see they are fueling it all?

    My ex breed bitch girl got out the breeding world but her pedigree pups sold for 450 yet her crossbreeds were 900…. Where is the sense in designer dogs?? The majority of them are cross breeds… Mixed breeds and often they are from very very dodgy breeders.

    When will these people STOP paying thousands for cross breeds….

    Till they do these ‘breeders’ will keep finding ways to inflict vast cruelty on the breeding stock (what ever they are) and treat puppies as economic commodities…. Do as little as possible and sell them for as much as you can….

    I am so tired of it….

    How can we ever educate fools that buy cross breeds for thousands?

    Do you know our biggest fear from the day she was stolen is Pup is stuck in a cage in some dive being forced to breed designer dogs….. I now crying as its a real fear and so tied of it….

    Totally support Lucy’s law and WHERE IS MUM…. with the adding sentence does the poor ‘mum’ standing there actually know the puppies….

    I just so tired of it.

  2. Avatar
    nickyb 3 years ago

    whilst public continue to ignore all warnings about the nightmare life and cruelty involved they still buy the puppies………… customers no money no puppies

  3. Avatar
    Reynard 3 years ago

    Supply & demand !

    Stop buying Puppies !

    Rescues and Breed Rescues will have a dog or puppy of yours dreams SO…..

    ADOPT DON’T SHOP! please

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