Daschund saved from meat market will fly to Florida and meet his new family

One-year-old dachshund Wally was found in a meat market in China, frightened, alone, and shivering in -10°C temperatures.

He was destined to be slaughtered and sold as a meal but was lucky to be saved in time by animal charity Plush Bears Rescue, who purchased the sausage dog for £26 after spotting him for sale next to a number of dog furs in Tainan. After a month spent recovering at the charity’s rescue centre, Wally is now getting ready to fly over to the US and meet his new family in Florida.

Shelter volunteer Callum Zhenyi, 36, said: ‘I first saw Wally tied up to a motorbike next to his owner who was selling big dog furs displayed like rugs on the floor. ‘One of the other volunteers had seen a dachshund on their last trip and not saved it and they regretted that deeply. Wally was being sold as meat ‘With that in mind I thought it would be perfect to save this dachshund and for him to have a home if he survived.

‘He would have been sold for meat at the end of the day if nobody came. ‘The sellers don’t care about why we’re buying the dogs; they just care about somebody giving them money.’ Callum paid ¥242 (around £26) for Wally before driving him four and a half hours away to a vet for a check-up in the city of Changchun.

On the way Wally started having coughing fits – it turned out the cold had left him with pneumonia. Had he not been found in time, he most likely would have died from a respiratory infection. He has made a full recovery from pneumonia.

It was ‘tough and go’, but following an IV drip and injections, Wally made a full recovery. On 4 February he will fly to Florida, accompanying seven other dogs rescued from the slaughterhouse. Callum said: ‘His new family are dachshund owners and animal lovers… I’m sure he’ll be happy there.

‘27,000 dogs end up on the dinner table every day in China, but we’ve rescued over 1,000 in just two and a half years and we hope to rescue many more.’

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