Damian and Marley update.

Update from Wayne…Wayne also has a short video which cant be sent at the moment as his phone keeps freezing…will add as soon as we get it through…

“As you already know we were called out by Medway Street Angels to look at Marley a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A vet had already been called but for reasons unknown did not attend, due to the nature of his injury artisan rare breeds and animal rescue were called and i attended, after numerous calls to get help by Marley failed we finally had a telephone consultation with the PDSA, as the bleeding had stopped, it was deemed not to be life threatening and Marley was seen the very next day.
All his current vet bills have been paid and future vet fees covered for at least the next ten days, thanks to the overwhelming generosity of the public. We even had enough funds left over to buy Mr Felsted a hot meal and drink today and tomorrow thanks to Doglost CJ who agreed we could spend her donation on Mr Felsted a truly heart warming gesture. ( just because you’re homeless does not mean your less human or different, as the public’s generous donations have proved. )
Mr Felsted has kindly granted his permission to share the photographs, as an animal charity we have also agreed to take Damian on as a volunteer at our rescue and train him on animal management which will be certificated to help him in future employment. As a priority his residential status must come first then we will look at getting Damian and Marley trained with us.
Please take this opportunity to pat yourselves on the back, we may be the frontline but you the donators and supporters are our backbone and without your help we could not have achieved such a positive outcome.
A massive thank you once again to Medway Street Angels who’s work and commitment to the homeless is truly amazing.”
Wayne may



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    CJ 3 years ago

    Great update. We take so much for granted – panic with a bit of snow but we are inside in the warm ( except a few with power cuts) we also can make hot food and drinks- its cases like this makes you realise how many are so much worse off than we are.
    Even from days at school ( far too many years ago) I have always taken an interest in those that help the homeless ( Our school MGGS led by a wonderful deputy Head Mistress Pat McCabe gathered us all as a team and we did hot drinks and meals in Maidstone for ”My men;” as she fondly referred to them as )

    Folk like Medway Street Angels have truly the right name – you are all angels to do the work you do .

    Glad that Damian could get himself a nice hot meal. I hear that plans are under way for him to move into accommodation soon – if no dogs Wayne has a list of foster folk willing to look after Marley so no need for kennels.

    Look forward to more updates.

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Well done all and thanks to everyone who donated. Really good news that he will be helping you at the rescue and that hopefully will get him back on the ladder! Very kind gesture.

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    Wayne may 3 years ago

    GREAT NEWS damian and marley now have temporary accommodation. Both have hot food and a comfortable bed. I have received a message from damian and marley extending there thanks and gratitude for all the public support. Well done all.

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    CJ 3 years ago

    This is a text to Wayne – he said Damian said fine to put on here…I expect they both will have a great sleep tonight!!

    Wayne ive moved in and im so blown away ? Ive had a hot bath a curry and layed down on a real bed??? A REAL BED MATE? I HOPE YOU HAD A NICE DAY OFF WITH YOUR SON, NOTHING BETTER THAN SOME QUALITY TIME WITH YOUR SON? Anyway my mate im sorting my own room out , my own room , this place is amazing and the land here is outstanding. I told him my interest in falconry and he shares the same passion? Hes got plenty of land here for us to build homes for birds.

    from Damian and Marley

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