Daisy reunited after 2 years

Family statement:

Daisy is home!!! What an amazing way to end 2019!!!! She was found running around the main road between Newburgh and Burscough on 30th December. A lovely couple collected her up and took her to Parbold vets where she was scanned and as a result of her chip returned to us!! She is fine and happy, obviously been kept outside but healthy. We are overjoyed, as is she!! A huge thank you to everyone who has helped us in this really difficult time, you really are all amazingly kind people!!

Daisy has been right under our noses … only a couple of miles away for the last two years… Molly can’t be far away. Please keep an eye out for her… she will be 2 and a half now. She has a distinctive heart shape on her right side and a white flash down her face.

Daisy’s story

Molly’s story 


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