Creme on lost and found channel 4.

Lovely to see Creme being reunited on Lost and found and good to put a face to a name for volunteer sarah Price!

The trap worked! Well done to the kennels for supplying.

Was glad you were there Sarah to  drive the owners to the trap as they looked so excited I doubt if they would have been able to drive!

Well done all!  Especially Sarah who was not expecting a call to say a camera crew are coming out…You did well …proud of you!

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  1. DogLost PR Team 2 years ago

    Sarah was a new Area Co-ordinator and had never appeared on camera for us before. She had the shortest media training imaginable. Didn’t she do well !

  2. Poochpal 2 years ago

    She did brilliantly. So important to give the owners the support they need to keep them positive. x

  3. Jan Lancashire 2 years ago

    Tearjerker when she was found.Well done Sarah xxx

  4. Stephen 2 years ago

    Fantastic to see a reuniting in the flesh. Super work Sarah!

  5. LisaP 2 years ago

    This was a brilliant programme, Sarah was fantastic, every owner of a lost dog should be able to have one of those hugs! x

  6. CJ 2 years ago

    Just re watched it again as also recorded it as well as watching live. Sarah did very well I am sure thanks to the talks she had with Helen and Jayne in the run up to filming – when not sure what she needed to do… no worries Sarah you were a natural.

  7. jayne hawyes 2 years ago

    LOL! Best bit of advice I give is to clean behind your sofa!… They always move the sofa to fit the camera and lights in….I have been red faced many times by what appears!

  8. Helen Jermy 2 years ago

    Sarah, you were brilliant, the support and advice you gave to Creme’s owners at the time came across so well in the filming, well done you!

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