Cookie on lost and found Channel 4.

Another happy ending!  So lovely to see how much dogs mean to people and how many like minded people join together to spread the word to help distressed owners.

Area Coordinator Lisa… screen name Westie123  was straight on the case to assist owner…putting details on Doglost on owners behalf…spreading on social media…and most importantly giving support and advice to a distressed owner.

Her suggestion ( amongst many) to put up posters worked as Cookie found due to someone seeing a poster in a local shop.

Remi the owner says “Thank you for all your support and shares, I wouldn’t have found him without you guys. Love from Remi and Cookie.”

All sounds a bit Suspicious to me …sure finder was going to keep Cookie! Again too hot to handle…Well done to everyone who shared!  Read more here…


  1. gino gambara 1 year ago

    We love happy endings! The word spreading through DogLost makes sure the right people are able to help and the “bad” people give up what’s not theirs! Well done everyone!

    1. Lisa Ann West 1 year ago

      #TeamCookie !!! x

  2. Sarah Price 1 year ago

    Brilliant! Another dog safely home, well done Lisa, I know Cookie’s owner would have appreciated your support & advice, what a team! xx

    1. Lisa Ann West 1 year ago

      Aww, thank you Sarah.
      Remi was absolutely heartbroken when Cookie Dog went awol…

    1. Lisa Ann West 1 year ago

      Thank you so very much Reynard !!! x

  3. RON 1 year ago

    Its always great to see another dog home but am a bit disappointed in the coverage of doglost on the show? sometimes only one mention or a shot of the logo, would have thought they could have made a bit more effort to show people what doglost does so people can understand

  4. DogLost PR Team 1 year ago

    Unfortunately there was no one available from DogLost when the film crew was there. When a co-ordinator has been on the spot we get much more coverage. But we just never knew when they would appear !

    1. RON 1 year ago

      yes i know, Shelagh and myself had dealings with some of them, they go where and when they want without notice

  5. Jan 1 year ago

    Would be nice if the showed the Doglost poster when switching from Dog Trust to Lost Dogs.

    1. DogLost PR Team 1 year ago

      Unfortunately it was not allowed. There are lots of rules for onscreen activity.

  6. Lisa Ann West 1 year ago

    Thank you for this wonderful mention Jayne!
    Cookies Owner is such a lovely person.
    Our online friendship has continued ever since.
    Lisa, Doglost Oxfordshire Area Volunteer. xxx

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