Cheshire care home reunites dog with owner.

Tissues at the ready folks ❤🐶😢
So today at Wellfield, we’ve had a new addition to our family…. meet Rosie, a little 8 year old Jack Russell.
Rosie is a rescue dog and was taken in by Chris at just 1 year old. Chris and Rosie developed a beautiful friendship and lived happily together for 7 years.
4 weeks ago, Chris moved into Wellfield due to a change in his circumstances and Rosie had no choice but to be looked after by a volunteer.
Chris came to terms that he was unable to care for Rosie like he once could now that he was living within a Care Home and he thought that he would never see his best friend again………. 😢 …..but………
Behind the scenes, Sean and Rob have been working closely with Flintshire Social Services Team, Chris’s family and friends and the lovely volunteer who has cared for Rosie, to bring both Chris and Rosie back together again.
At 2pm today, Chris was reunited with his best friend……. forever! Rosie has now officially moved into Wellfield on a permanent basis ❤
The management and staff at Wellfield recognise the emotional well-being of all our residents and, we strive to bring happiness, smiles, love and care to everyone. This is just one example of the many things we do to achieve just that!

Wellfield Residential Care Home

1 Wood Lane, Hawarden, Deeside CH5 3JD


  1. Avatar
    Sarah Hollinshead 1 year ago

    wonderful x

  2. Avatar
    Pauline E Smith 1 year ago

    That is a wonderful thing to do to let the dog stay with his owner that is what we would all love to happen if we had to go into a home

  3. Avatar
    Nita Everett 1 year ago

    So pleased that this has happened, being parted from a much loved Pet is devastating. 10/10 for this lovely caring care home.

  4. Avatar
    Nita Everett 1 year ago

    Well done to that wonderful Care Home.

  5. Avatar
    Sandra Brown 1 year ago

    So happy for Chris and Rosie. This is wonderful they allowed her to stay…I wish more of them would allow this as it must be so heartbreaking for owners and pets to be separated.

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