Shammy reunited photo.

Shammy the ex breeding dog has kept everyone on their toes since she went missing on Wednesday…lots of sightings and  much concern over how close she was to the A1 road. Luckily Postie Steve managed to find her and with the help of two men at Smiths Metals were able to contain her until the […]

Tess’s reunited story!

Tess’s owner contact a FB group called Pippa’s army when her dog went missing…they advised her to put on the DogLost  database ( thank you)….then read how they helped…in owners words… Tess ran into the lake chasing a swan at Chafford Gorge Nature Reserve on Sunday 15th April. She swam out to the other side […]

Reunited Floss…the story.

Thank you to Amylee for checking the DogLost database and reuniting Floss…in her own words.. “I came home from work and noticed 2 young boys looking at a dog who was asleep in the garden next door. I went into the garden and checked her over, she was very weak and in bad shape. I […]