Libby home after 2 years.

From our local co ordinator Maxine… “A French bulldog was found straying in Bishop Auckland on 6th September, it was taken to vets to be checked for a chip. Chip info was not up to date. The finder, not wanting the dog to go into kennels took the dog home until owner could be found. […]

Stolen Alfie reunited after nearly 2 years!

Sadly Alfie is not in good health, he’s very skinny and his teeth are falling out, so a fundraiser has been set up to help with his vets bills and it was suggested in the Facebook forum that you may want to share his fundraiser on the blog : So here’s the link to his […]

Foxy,s adventure and reunited photos…

Thank you area co-ordinator Katie fox for letting us know what happened… Foxy the Chihauhau pup of 12weeks old was on her first adventure, on Sunday afternoon, with her siblings and parents on a group wander in the quiet backwater paths of Longleat estate Wiltshire. On the middle of their planned circuit walk another walker […]