Update from the Director of Artisan Rare Breeds & Animal Rescue, Wayne May

Despite living in a caravan at the rescue during lockdown, Wayne is still accepting animals with no place to go. During the last 48 hours, out of the many animals taken in, there were two meerkats, many Siberian foxes, a Saluki and several birds. All these extra animals need feeding. If you believe you can help […]

Artisan Rare Breeds Director, Wayne is a hero!

Shoutout for Wayne May and his local animal rescue, Artisan Rare Breeds! Yesterday afternoon an air ambulance landed in a horse field on London Road near Bluewater which subsequently scared all the horse’s. One of the horses became impaled on the fence, the fire brigade were called along with Artisan Rare Breeds director, Wayne. Wayne […]

Artisan Rare Breeds urgently need donations of dog & cat food!

Wayne and his team at Artisan Rare Breeds urgently need your help! They only have food for the next 2 days, if you believe you can help them please contact them today via email at artisanrarebreeds@gmail.com or donate via their PayPal (using the same email). They are a HMRC registered charity (XT37291).