Police Beat

Over 40 dogs found in Cambridgeshire

From South Cambridge Police…. This morning officers from our Community Action Team (CAT) and Rural Crime Action Team (RCAT), along with the RSPCA, carried out a warrant at an unauthorised encampment in Willingham. Five people were arrested in connection with thefts and many suspected stolen items were seized including two vehicles, a number of quad […]

Bungle the chow-chow: Why police seized this fluffy dog

The four-month-old pup was seized by police on Saturday after biting a police officer and has yet to be reunited with his owner. Social media has rallied behind Bungle with 4,000 members of a Facebook group campaigning for his freedom. The hashtag #FreeBungle has been used on Twitter and an online petition calling for his release has […]

Dog rescued from streets becomes one of UK’s first police Staffies

One of the UK’s first ever staffie police dogs has joined the force. Two-year-old rescue Staffordshire Bull Terrier Cooper, who is specially-trained to find drugs, cash and firearms, is the first of his breed to join Staffordshire Police. The animal, who lived on the streets as a stray before being rescued by the RSPCA, joined […]

Police dog stabbed in the face by men escaping crashed stolen car

The overturned car was empty when PC Catherine Maunder-Green, PC Jennie Ellse, and Quantum the police dog arrived at the scene. Dwain Claude West, 25, and Nathan Whyler, 29 had just gone on a violent rampage and crashed the stolen car in Top Valley, Nottinghamshire, on March 15. They were seen running away from the […]

Little Rascals pet shop raid: Nearly 100 dogs removed

Ninety four dogs have been removed from a pet shop in Lincolnshire during a raid by police and RSPCA inspectors. The RSPCA said police executed a warrant at Little Rascals in Brant Broughton, near Lincoln, on Tuesday. Inspectors said investigations were ongoing and no arrests had been made. In a statement, the animal charity said: […]

Cambridge Police Officers reunite stolen dogs with owner

Police have reunited stolen dogs with their owners. The dogs, Sean, Sue and their one-year-old puppy Nel were stolen from the back of their owner’s pickup truck in Leicestershire on Tuesday morning. Their owner, a farmer from Nottinghamshire, reported the trio of Border Collie X Kelpie dogs missing to police and immediately launched an online […]

Woman criticises police who Tasered pet dog to death

Police “unnecessarily” Tasered a pet dog to death, its owner has claimed. Terrasa Bolton said American bulldog Narla ran into the garden barking when officers arrived at her home in Leeds to arrest her boyfriend. She claimed the animal was not being aggressive and that the officer carried on firing as the dog lay lifeless. […]

Stolen Aristotle recovered by police

Aristotle stolen from Doncaster race course on the 29th September has been recovered by South Yorkshire police. A big well done to them! Follow Aristotle’s DogLost timeline here… http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=135032

Innocent granny dies following mauling from police dog hunting a suspect

A PENSIONER died after being twice mauled by a police dog which attacked while his handler was leading the chase for a suspect through the woman’s garden, an inquest heard yesterday. Irene Collins, 73, screamed “why has this happened to me” as force Alsatian Dano returned to bite her for a second time after it […]

Police smash window to rescue dog locked in sweltering hot van in 31C heat

Officers smashed its closed windows to retrieve the panting pup after it was spotted stuck inside. Its owner was given a telling off by the hero cops in Bromley, South London on Wednesday — where temperatures topped over 30C. One officer told local paper the News Shopper: “The window was smashed so that the dog could […]

Police dogs are looking cool and keeping cool in special new coats

These police dogs are looking and keeping cool with some rather special coats. As Britain bakes in the heatwave, Gloucestershire Police has become the first force in the country to kit out their dogs with special cooling coats. And don’t they look adorable wearing them. So far, the dogs have been wearing the coats during […]

Reunited Snuggles video

Message from owner… am snuggles owner . She is home and well . She is a little stress but her coat is danaged but apart from that she seems well .. I would like to tell all . It had been a long and painful road but she is home and I am the luckiest […]

Stolen Snuggles reunited after 6 months by the police.

Owner Michelle is on her way to Acton police station to collect Snuggles. Last month the chip company wrote to her to request ownership transfer despite having Snuggles marked as stolen…they would not divulge the details of the  new “owner” So Wayne stepped in and made sure there was an officer assigned to the case, […]

Kent police recover Lunar stolen nearly 5 years ago

A family from Faversham have been reunited with their missing dog after nearly five years. Lunar, a saluki, was reported stolen in October 2013. But her owner received a call from a microchip company saying someone had tried to reregister her. They then contacted police, who found Lunar yesterday at an address in Hastings, where […]

Incredible police dog springs into action to perform CPR on handler

Police dog Poncho has learned a very impressive skill – he can perform CPR and check a person’s pulse. When Poncho’s handler plays dead, he springs into action to ‘save his life’. Although this time it was just a practice run, Poncho’s training could certainly come in handy in the future. Madrid’s police department was very […]

Blaze recovered by Thames Valley police.

Stolen Blaze has been recovered by Thames Valley Police….Well done police! http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=126324 Follow on twitter… https://twitter.com/ThamesVP/status/972079555241324544?s=19  

Police recover stolen Ruby.

On the 3rd December Sophie the owner of Ruby stopped off at Rivington services for a break and her worst  nightmare happened…Ruby  her precious  Dachshund …went missing  from out side the services where she had been tied up…Ruby  had recently had an operation  and still had the bandages on. Owners checked on CCTV and were […]

Jail term for dog owner.

Cruel dog owner gets punished. read more… https://www.independent.ie/irish-news/courts/jail-term-for-man-who-kicked-dog-is-welcomed-36373863.html