Hawkwind feature missing Rossi on radio scotland.

Thank you BBC radio Scotland and   Hawkwind for featuring missing Rossi. Hear it here… Also press coverage here…

Meeting with the Countryside alliance

Sorry have not had time to do regular updates to the blog due to the high levels of pets frightened by fireworks. Yesterday Debbie Matthews  from vets get scanning and myself met up with the countryside alliance in their London offices to discuss dogtheft which is foremost on their members minds. Some exciting things were […]

Therapy sausage dog becomes fashion icon after appearing in Vogue

A sausage dog who found viral fame providing therapy to stressed out students has become a fashion celeb, appearing in Vogue magazine. Popular pup Jimmy Chipolata works as the UK’s first in-house student therapy sausage dog with his owner Debra Easter, 45. The impeccably dressed rescue dog was once twice his size and unable to […]

HAWKWIND – 50th Anniversary Tour – thinking of the dogs!!

Hawkwind are proud to be helping to raise awareness of the ever growing problem of pet theft.   Each day 7.5 dogs are stolen, and on average 28 dogs a day go missing in the UK, which is heartbreaking for the families concerned.   At every gig on our 50th anniversary tour, we will be […]

Dog so stressed by fireworks her ‘eyes popped’ and she went blind

A dog owner has revealed her dog went blind after her eyes ‘popped’ during a fireworks display. Margaret Adams, 85, said Suzy the Labrador cross experiences extreme distress when fireworks season begin every year. The grandmother explained how one Guy Fawkes night turned tragic as Suzy started ‘climbing the walls’ and ‘hiding in dark corners’. […]

Reunited savannah cat .

Well done Katie and Hazel…in Hazels words…. When I got the message that a cat was missing from Sea Mills I immediately set to work….lots of advice for the owner Laura Page and how to remain calm during such a stressful time! I didn’t appreciate the size of the cat until the photos came through […]

Video appeal to help find missing Bailey.

Thank you Claire Gresty N/W co-ordinator for making up this video appeal for Bailey…Please all share to help him get home. Watch the video here…   Follow Bailey’s Doglost timeline here…

Woman’s horror as she thinks dog’s nose fell off

Dog sitting can be a lot of fun, but depending on the dog, it can also be a stressful experience. One woman, named Jade, was recently looking after her mum’s beloved pooch when she found herself very worried for the creature. Jade claims she was playing with Lenny the French bulldog when she noticed something […]

Dog found alive after 4 weeks trapped under rubble in the Bahamas.

A drone flew over the wreckage, using an infrared camera to try to identify heat — a sign of possible life hidden amid the rubble. It had been a month since Hurricane Dorian decimated the Bahamas with Category 5 strength, killing at least 50 people. Search-and-rescue missions had long ago given way to stoic efforts […]

Woman lives with 27 dogs she saved when nobody else wanted them

An animal-lover adopted 27 sickly and disabled dogs when no one else wanted them. Claire-Louise Nixon, 48, takes in injured dogs, many of whom are paralysed, have been abused or have lost limbs from mines and explosives in war zones. She is regularly told by vets that there is no chance whatsoever of getting them […]

Adorable dog’s face looks very human and people can’t get enough

This adorable doggo is baffling the internet as he looks human, with people wondering whether his owners used a face-swapping app for photos. The pooch in question, Nori, is an Aussiepoo mix – a designer breed which has puzzled folks in the past due to their human-like resemblance. Nori’s large, almond-shaped eyes that have just […]

Swimming pool allows dogs so pets can splash around with their owners

A swimming pool in Scotland held their first ever doggy swim day so pets could splash around alongside their owners. The open-air Gourock Outdoor Pool, in Inverclyde, Scotland let canines take a dip at the weekend at the last swim session of the season. Organisers were inspired by similar events which have taken place in […]

Microchip law loophole that is helping dog thieves get away with it

Gaps in the law are preventing stolen dogs from being reunited with their families, despite being microchipped, campaigners have warned. Vets are under no obligation to the check chip of any pet they treat, and even if they do, a pet thief could easily change the registration details and leave no trace of the previous […]

How to order a free puppuccino for your dog at Starbucks

If you’ve spent time in the ‘cute animals’ section of the internet, you’ve probably seen pictures of dogs with their heads burrowed deep inside a mysterious mini Starbucks cup. Those pooches are enjoying a puppuccino, an item on the secret Starbucks menu that pops up all over Instagram. A puppuccino isn’t anything fancy. There’s no […]

‘I’ve created a monster’: labradoodle inventor speaks of his regret

We’re afraid we have some rather upsetting news.The humble labradoodle (a cross between a poodle and a labrador) has been stabbed in the back… by none other than the very man who invented it. Speaking with Sum of All Parts, an Australian science podcast, Wally Conran, who invented the breed, said: ‘I opened a Pandora […]

10 plants that are poisonous to dogs.

Your dog will eat pretty much anything given a chance. Your slippers, the newspaper, their own tail if they could catch it. And plants. Which can be serious, because lots of common house and garden plants are poisonous to dogs. Most dogs won’t eat plants that can hurt them, but some berries and bulbs can […]