Brave dog earns nickname ‘Roof-us’ by chilling out and barking at stuff on rooftops every day.

A very adventurous dog has found a rather unique vantage point for barking: a roof.

Medical secretary Cari Edwards regularly sees the as-yet-unnamed lurcher, who belongs to a neighbour, hanging out on the top of the homes in Aberdare, Wales.

The dog balances neatly on the ridge of the triangular roof, and it’s a total mystery how the acrobatic lurcher gets up there every day.

Cari, 28, and her family have seen the dog up there daily for the past couple of months ever since its owner moved into the neighbourhood.

Cari, whose clip of the pooch has been viewed 1.8 million times online, said: ‘The dog is up there every day. I’m not sure how it gets up there but a lot of the houses on that street have extensions on the back, so I think it jumps up onto that and then climbs onto the roof.

‘He’s really deft up there and will walk across all of the roofs just casually. There’s eight in total.

‘They only moved into that house in the last couple of months, but it feels like the dog has been doing it forever. You see it up there all the time.

‘We were worried at first because I’ve never seen a dog up there before, and we were concerned it might fall, but it looks so comfortable up there.

‘It does it every day now so it must be doing it safely and we’ve got so used to it. The lurcher is so happy walking up and down those roofs.

‘You sometimes hear the owner calling it down and it happily gets back down. I’ve no idea what it’s real name is, but we’ve nicknamed him Rufus now.

‘It’s become a bit of a local celebrity now. A lot of time I’ll walk down the street and see and someone else will be filming it up there too.

‘I’ve grown up with dogs all my life, but I’ve never seen one do this before

Watch the video here…
Brave dog earns nickname ‘Roof-us’ by chilling out on rooftops | Metro News

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