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    nickyb 2 months ago

    this is definitely as a result of jayne from doglost having zoom meeting with boris in february as she followed up all the petitions etc that doglost and other organisations have been doing for years. brilliant news well done everyone and thankyou for all the hard work

  2. Jayne
    Jayne 2 months ago

    Gosh tried to leave a comment on the mail on line…um think I did something wrong..It was to defend our PM as a lot of comments were saying he is using this because of up coming local elections…Believe me we started this long before BJ was elected as our prime minister and he was the one who started up the task force which has already helped 100’s of stolen dogs get back…as usual we have to keep things quiet so we can get those convictions…For them to attack him saying he will never deliver…He already has ! and on behalf of all dog owners we are very grateful to our prime minister.

  3. Jayne
    Jayne 2 months ago

    Oh ps not just me… When I was on the zoom call with BJ our close colleagues from SAMPA Debbie matthews and Dr Dan Allen were on a zoom call with IDS and Priti Patel! due to security we could not tell each other before hand! Imagine that phone call afterwards! After years of us going up to parliament presenting petitions and organizing drop in awareness meeting rooms ( all credit for organizing has to go to Debbie and Nic) We finally got there! This is where the work really starts…it will not happen over night but it is certainly moving faster…at last.

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