Blythe couple banned from keeping pets for life

Disturbing photographs show the neglect suffered by two dogs and three cats after their owners left them bald, scabby and infested with fleas.

Alisa Brown and Stewart Herd have been banned from keeping pets for life after RSPCA inspectors visited their home in Blyth, Northumberland.

The five pets had become so overrun with ticks that they had lost most of their fur from itching and had caught skin infections, a court heard.

The animals lived with Brown, 36, and Herd, 56, and their other four pets at the couple’s ‘cluttered’ and ‘ammonia-smelling’ home had suffered ‘prolonged neglect

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  1. Avatar
    Vicki Hudson 3 years ago

    It’s about time people were prosecuted for animal cruelty. It sends a message to people that animals are not just property to be misused and abused.

  2. Avatar
    mistynsashasmum 3 years ago

    I agree also well done

    Poor little poppets the dogs look totally bewildered

    I hope they find a caring loving home now

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