Couple spared jail for risking return of rabies in puppy-smuggling scandal

A couple who risked spreading rabies in Britain by importing thousands of potentially sick street dogs to sell as pets have been spared jail. Kennel owners Jodie Fairbrother, 40, and husband Paul, 50, took in 4,600 street dogs – many of which had not undergone the necessary medical checks – from Romania. Shocking footage taken […]

Libby home after 2 years.

From our local co ordinator Maxine… “A French bulldog was found straying in Bishop Auckland on 6th September, it was taken to vets to be checked for a chip. Chip info was not up to date. The finder, not wanting the dog to go into kennels took the dog home until owner could be found. […]

Doglost fundraiser.

Doglost Fundraising Great prizes for just £1 – An online prize draw till end of September 2019. Lucky Numbers – £1- All money raised will go to doglost. £1 per go.- Pay in direct to doglost fundraising account – secure banking and put your phone number in the reference box .OR can leave your contact […]