Artisan rescue update.

Dear all
I would like to welcome a new arrival to the rescue.
A small terrier type we think may be a patterdale cross yorkie, she came to us a few days ago as the current owner couldn’t cope with her boisterous antics, we already have a possible home awaiting for her in Lancashire with a lovely lady.
During our investigations and background check this little dog has never been microchipped and has been illegally docked, leaving only an inch of tail. Part of our investigation has led us to believe she came from a puppy farm, taken this into account we have named her LUCY after #lucyslaw.
Due to the fact she was illegally docked, and does not have a tail docking certificate and not being microchipped by law, this will delay her rehoming.
Once we are comfortable we have explored all avenues for a possible prosecution, we will then let her go to her new potential home.
Until then she is living an active fun filled life with our fosterers.
Regards Wayne may

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