APDAWG News March 2019 – Pet Theft Reform, Tuk’s Law, Ealing Animal Charities Fair, Dangerous Dogs, Lucy’s Law in Wales, Next APDAWG Meeting

Hello APDAWG Friends!


Pet Theft Reform Meeting & Drop-in

A big APDAWG thank you to all who attended our #PetTheftReform meeting on Tues evening (pic above credit Ross Thomson MP). Excellent turn-out (full house) & very interesting speakers including Ross Thomson MP, Debbie Matthews (Founder, Vets Get Scanning), Dr Dan Allen (Animal Geographer, SAMPA Patron), Jayne Hayes (Founder, Doglost) & APDAWG Chair Dr Lisa Cameron MP. APDAWG was also proud to host a #PetTheftReform drop-in event for MPs earlier that day (pic left credit Ross Thomson MP) which was well-attended by a large number of cross-party MPs (check APDAWG’s twitterfeed), all giving their support for this important campaign.


Tuk’s Law Campaign & Petition

At APDAWG’s Tues meeting we also learnt about the new #Tag4Tuk campaign & their ‘Introduce mandatory measures to prevent reselling/euthanasia of dogs’ e-petition; set up after 18 month old rescue dog Tuk (pictured as a puppy) was tragically euthanised due to a failure in the system supposed to protect him i.e. no one scanned his chip. Please sign & share this important petition far & wide as it needs to reach 10,000 signatures for Gov response & then 100K for its own Westminster Hall debate. For more info about Tuk’s Law Campaign click here.


Lucy’s Law in Wales Update

Happy St David’s Day! It’s all go over in Wales at the moment, with all but four Councils (pictured) passing their own motions of support for Lucy’s Law (remaining four Councils haven’t voted yet), as well as Minister Lesley Griffiths & Welsh Assembly launching their 3 month Lucy’s Law consultation to ban 3rd party puppy dealers, which you can respond to here. APDAWG would also like to take this opportunity to thank our friends, Welsh anti-puppy farm campaign group C.A.R.I.A.D., for working so hard to make this happen.


Dangerous Dogs Debate

On Thurs 7th March 2019 at 1.30pm there will be a Westminster Hall debate on the ‘9th Report of the Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (EFRA) Committee, Controlling dangerous dogs, HC 1040, & the Government response, HC 1892’. To read the full report click here. As most of you will know Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is a topic we’ve covered in the last year, followed by the EFRA enquiry, so this will no doubt be a very interesting & popular debate.

Ealing Animal

Ealing Animal Charities Fair

On Sat 2nd March from 10:30am – 4:00pm the 41st Ealing Animal Charities Fair will be held at: Hanwell Methodist Church, Church Road, Hanwell, London, W7 1DJ. A well as guest speakers & live music, there will be stalls featuring many of our APDAWG friends including All Dogs Matter, Dogs On The Streets (DOTS), Nowzad, Greyhound Compassion, Mayhew & National Animal Welfare Trust (NAWT). Please support this fantastic event, more details here.

april-23-blue 2

Next APDAWG Meeting

Our 2nd meeting of 2019 will be held on Tues April 23rd, 5-7pm, in Boothroyd Room. Guest speakers will discuss dog fighting, as well as links between animal cruelty & domestic violence. A separate email invite will be sent out for this event soon, so no need to reply to this one. Thanks for supporting APDAWG.

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    S Williams 2 years ago

    I hope both Lucy’s Law and Tuk’s get through I really do

    The DDA one…. You know I would pray that one day Section 1 will not only be re-written but actually thrown out but I am sadly convinced it wont be in my life time.

    I one of those who fought its introduction in both 1990 and into early 1991… We were trying to stop a steamroller coming down hill with no brakes! The hate campaign run by certain a ‘news’ paper was so thorougher that to this day people EVEN ON dog sites have incredible prejudice to certain Types of dog….

    The facts mean nothing re section 1… Experience means nothing to re the DDA its self. Its all driven by that original (and often topped up) hate campaign….

    I been badly bitten 4x NONE were Type dogs! Not one. Thankfully I don’t get scared. I had 2 rip into my arms and hands simultaneously and they were not bad dogs, not Type dogs just dogs totally isolated and unsocialised. Both had been breed machines for years, both had been stuck in pens since 6 months, we were there to Rescue then and both went on to be re socialised and lovely dogs, one, now old, is still in her new home and is 100% trustworthy and perfect.

    The other two… One bit the bridge of my nose when I was 4 I have no doubt it was my fault BUT I steer clear of Peks to this day,..Maybe I am prejudice after all but Peks I just don’t know any but i think I would help one if needed .. The other um…Some of you on DL know him but that dogs not nasty, he can be stroppy but then so can I … . He didn’t deserve to die, his history made him what he is so I worked with his attitude and now he also works with mine lol.

    Had he been a Type dog he would have been legally killed….

    I would like to live long enough to see the end of judicial murder of the innocent and thats what Section 1 is….

    I would also like to live long enough to see compulsory scanning of all companion Animals but like Section 1 I doubt I will sadly…..

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