Anyone ever tried to speak to a real person on Sky helpline?

I am at my wits end!!!!  As phone and internet down had to purchase a mobile phone to call them…then after many many hours either get told to go to their website…( hello am ringing to say no service!) or they ask me to put in the number I am calling about and then ( 3 times on 3 different sky numbers)  I then get a recorded message played back by someone called Joshua asking if I want to buy tickets for the fight???? Option 1 to buy tickets option 2 others…so I press option 2…and says number not recognised and cuts me off!

What is happening at Sky?

Found out they have a store in Cardiff…so best to go in person…so called Store up to see opening times over Easter…and guess what another robotic option call system!…again unable to leave a message….AAAAAAH!!!!! or speak to anyone!


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    Nina 3 years ago

    How about ringing Sky News and giving them the news/story about Doglost communication problems I bet they wont air the story!

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    Sue Smith 3 years ago

    It’s so frustrating far too much reliance on tech systems at these company’s. Hope you are reconnected soon it’s crucial for Doglost.

  3. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    And hours later not getting any better! Now have been furnished with more numbers to ring for Sky and….same thing…as soon as I key in our number Joshua’s recorded message comes on with tickets for fight/ flight?????
    Then wait for it my Dongle bought yesterday( for back up) is playing up…probably manage 10 minutes an hour on line( and 30 minutes trying!)…..I paid £20 and its now saying I need to top up?
    What! I have been on the new mobile phone most of the time ( okay hats off to the phone..has not let me down so far…)…But wont hold my breath….

    So I phone to top up…and yes I get another robotic system…..Please go on line to top up…..AAAAH…you cut me off ! Thats why I am ringing!!!!!

    So…solution is to turn up at Sky store in Cardiff tomorrow ..and not leave until something sorted…and in between use the odd 10 minutes an hour to get on with dogs!

    Co-ordinators I really need your help at the moment ( between the giggles!)

    Nina great suggestion…But I am reluctant to ring Sky again!!!!

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    Nina 3 years ago

    Make sure the shops are open Sunday, many are closed as its classed as a religious day

    1. Jayne
      Jayne 3 years ago

      Did try ringing them earlier about opening times….Guess what…got the robotic options again! But at least did not Get Joshua!

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    Zingha 3 years ago

    Sounds like Sky! But they are good at calling YOU, that is, the sales department trying to ‘upgrade’ your subscription to a service that you can never use with a < 1 Mb broadband. But they keep selling it!

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    TIGER 2 years ago


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