Another media update from DogLost

Thanks to DogLost’s amazing Wayne May, we are once again featuring in the media over the next few days!

Earlier this week, Wayne was very busy doing an interview for ITV (ready to be aired in the national news on Monday) – see below for some photos!

Living the DogLost life, eh?! He’s been busy again today, doing yet another interview…this time for ARD Media!

In addition to that, tomorrow morning at 07:20, Wayne will be talking on the BBC Radio 5 Live Saturday Breakfast show with hosts, Chris Warburton and Nina Warhurst about pet theft and the work we do at DogLost.


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 10 months ago

    And Doglost just featured on ITV Wales! What a surprise just sat down to eat and saw it come up!

  2. Avatar
    nickyb 10 months ago

    you deserve all the media attention there is available so more and more people are aware of the site simply because its the best place for lost and found pets to be – all the info is there on the site for the pet and remains there forever with contact details etc.
    it gets to all the people who dont have facebook, the team is professional, helpful, years of experience and has brought so many happy endings – in my case its done far more – resulting in me adding an unwanted lost dog staying with us, people contacting me looking for a home for 2 jack russells as owner very ill, and being the contact for a stolen dog

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