And Volunteer of the week goes to…..

Admin helper GillyP!  Gilly has religously entered details of all found dogs by out of hour dog warden service SDK onto the doglost website over the last few years and as such has helped reunite scores of  found dogs with their owners…Amazing effort on its own… but yesterday someone spotted a dog found in Bromley on doglost and matched it up with Maggot stolen 14 months ago from  Penhurst near Hastings!  The chip was not working so Maggot would not have got back to the family with out Gilly’s efforts and the friend of the family who checked on Doglost…read more here…

And a more flattering photo of Gillyp from admin.


  1. Sarah
    Sarah 4 years ago

    Fantastic! What wonderful News for everyone and so nice when hard work is rewarded – Well done GillyP xx

  2. Avatar
    Stephen 4 years ago

    Super work! Well done Gilly P! 🙂

  3. Avatar
    Gillian 4 years ago

    Oh dear look at that photo!! Thanks Jayne

  4. Avatar
    Claire Chevin 4 years ago

    Doglost would be lost without you! Xx

  5. Avatar
    Claire Chevin 4 years ago

    Have you seen a dr about your tongue incidentally!?!?

  6. Avatar
    Gillian 4 years ago

    Ha ha

  7. Avatar
    Jan Lancashire 4 years ago

    Fantastic well done Gilly xx

  8. Avatar
    Sandra Watt (Jenkins) 4 years ago

    To my mentor, Gilly P, well deserved x xx

    1. Avatar
      Gillian 4 years ago


  9. Avatar
    LIndaT 4 years ago

    Great to be able to put a face to a name GillyP 🙂 By the way who is the human with you??? Fantastic work all round xx

    1. Avatar
      Gillian 4 years ago

      That’s my boy Memphis lol

  10. Avatar
    Poochpal 4 years ago

    Not just out of hours, a lot of councils only use SDK now. Well done GillyP. 😀

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