And our latest DogLost LICKS awardee is…

DogLost is proud to award Jollyes pet food store in Dartford for its latest LICKS ( Local Independent Community K9 supporters)

Nominated By Wayne May…

“It has been my pleasure to present jollyes Dartford the licks award today.
For over two years the staff and customers have supported my charity artisan rare breeds and animal rescue.
And recently over the last 6 months supporting Doglost UK and S.A.M.P.A .
In total jollyes have helped over 20 dogs with food and coats bedding extra, how do we ever say thank you to a company with staff committed to animal welfare and an overwhelming community spirit.
The LICKS award has shown how much all the staff and management are appreciated and appreciation for their hard work.”
Wayne may Doglost

Thank you to Jollyes for promoting DogLost to your customers and for the generous donations given to Artisan rescue to help with feeding the recue animals. A well deserved award…Thank you also to the kent messenger who will feature this in their paper.


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    CJ 3 years ago

    Nice to see a local pet store doing so much to promote local causes and now doglost. They are spreading the word by handing out leaflets and cards which show owners how to deal with lost, found, dogs so that if it happened to them they know where to turn.
    I will be soon making a visit to my owner local Jollyes to see if they will follow the actions of their Dartford store.

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