And another DogLost LICKS award goes to…

The North West team would like to nominate Barbara Howard for the DogLost LICKS  award.  ( Local Independent Community K9 Supporters)
She’s a fantastic help to us all, advises owners to register, and she’s a fantastic support to owners of missing pets.
These are the groups she manages on Facebook, as you can see, she’s a busy lady! And a lovely lady at that xx
Lost Paws x
Missing Pets Wigan
Missing Cats Manchester.
Lost and Found Cats Greater Manchester.
Just Cats North West

She is also moderator on a lot of the breed cat groups

Claire x
Area Co-ordinator (Bolton)
Photos show Barbara with her cats Jewel,Claire,Kallie, Mia and Molly.
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  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Well deserved Barbara! Thank you for caring and sharing.

  2. Avatar
    Sue brown 3 years ago

    Well done barbara xxx

    1. Avatar
      BARBARA HOWARD 3 years ago

      Thank you. x

  3. Avatar
    Jan s 3 years ago

    Fantastic as always x

  4. Avatar
    Claire Gresty 3 years ago

    Very well deserved LICKS award for Barbara!! Thank you for all your help and support for the North West team, we really appreciate it. I do ask Barbara to “officially” come on board but she’s tooooo busy and in demand on all her groups. We won’t stop asking 😂 xx

  5. Blogmod
    Blogmod 3 years ago

    Keep asking Claire, a very well deserved LICK this lady is indeed busy and does so much! Belated Happy Birthday Barbara x

    1. Avatar
      BARBARA HOWARD 3 years ago

      Thank you Claire. x

  6. Avatar
    BARBARA HOWARD 3 years ago

    Thank you for your lovely comments everyone. x

  7. Avatar
    Fiona Monger - ChrisM 3 years ago

    Fantastic Award for a Fantastic lady. Gives us in the Northwest so much help. Thank you Barbara xxx

  8. Avatar
    Jan Major - Majorjet 3 years ago

    Well deserved Barbara. THANKS for all you do.

    Hope you had a fab birthday. ❤️❤️❤️

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