Aimee found after 4 and 1/2 months living rough in London

Huge respect for the London crew for the long hours you have put into rescuing Aimee! From Karen our London co-ordinator…

The beautiful Aimee, a Romanian rescue girl, was caught Thursday night by members of the DogLost London team. She had given everyone the runaround for months, but finally seemed to settle in one single location.
The team were so committed; setting up a regular feeding station, gaining her trust, watching her behaviours into the early hours of the morning, then in the final stages doing all nighters to make sure that they were 100% ready.
She was finally caught in a Tennis Court, her ‘safe’ place, which turned out to be a great ready-made trap! Now Aimee has been vet checked and seems to be OK, no major injuries or problems. This beautiful girl will now start her road to recovery after a very long adventure . . . 
Follow Aimee’s DogLost timeline here…


  1. Jayne
    Jayne 3 years ago

    Respect for the London crew!

  2. Avatar
    Lottie 3 years ago

    Ah lovely write up!

    How many hearts has Aimee stolen along the way!!

  3. Avatar
    nickyb 3 years ago

    thankyou all you wonderful doglovers for the time, patience, love, inconvenience etc you had to achieve this happy ending. do hope this scared dog soon finds a kind forever home. our romanian rescue is here because we saw her lost on doglost 4 yrs ago

  4. Avatar
    Gusti 1 year ago

    I’m so happy she was found, I saw her in golders green and tried to catch her but she escaped, ilm never forget how afraid she looked and I’m so happy to hear she’s been found, if she ever needs a new home I’d be happy to take her on, I have a dog of my own too

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