Helpless dog desperately tries to keep up with lorry after driver pulls off forgetting pet is tied to the back

A dog’s life was saved just in time after his owner forgot his beloved pet was tied up at the back of his HGV before driving off.

The pooch was spotted running as fast as it could to keep up with the huge lorry as it pulled out of a petrol station.

The owner had gone for a break and tied the dog up to get some air, but said he was distracted and forgot to get the dog again before he drove off.

Luckily a police volunteer spotted the dog running for its life and started chasing the truck in his car.

Dashcam footage shows the volunteer racing after vehicle, sounding its horn and putting on its siren and flashing lights to alert the driver.

he footage was shared in a facebook post by the Yavapai County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona, US, who added they were very lucky to have men and women volunteering to help with police dut

The post read: “In the video, one of our VIPS was leaving a parking lot after a quick drink break to assist a deputy when he came across a tractor trailer pulling out of a gas station parking lot with a dog attached to the trailer bumper.

“The driver was heading to the interstate.

Watch the video here…


  1. Avatar
    Stephen 3 years ago

    How can you forget you’ve tied your dog up to the vehicle??

  2. Avatar
    nickyb 3 years ago

    what an unbelievably stupid thing to do….. was it really a mistake? why would u not take the dog with you – or go to station go to loo get food/drink then return letting dog out of truck and sit together having a fresh air break………… thank god for fast acting policeman

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