Ex-burglar explains truth behind signs thieves leave at your home

Luke reveals what he knows about plastic ties and symbols thieves use to target you. People across the country have reported an increase in strange signs being left outside their homes – including plastic ties on lampposts, gates, bins and fences – with fears they are being targeted by burglary gangs. Many fear the plastic […]

Fears more dogs in Plymouth will be snatched by caninenappers

Huge demand for dogs during lockdown fuelled a rise in thefts last year – and owners fear a return of dognapping incidents. Dognapping spiked last year during lockdown and owners fear there will be yet another rise in incidents over the next few weeks. Over the last few years, as the costs of puppies and […]

Lockdown year ‘worst ever’ for dog thefts

The increased demand for dogs during lockdown has led to a significant increase in pets being stolen, with Wayne May from the organisation Dog Lost saying, “I’ve been doing this for 30 years now and 2020 was the worst ever year”. “Unfortunately, due to lockdown, people are at home more and they’re looking for companion […]