Diasy on BBC NEWS

A campaign to find a dog stolen from a retired couple has gone viral. Cocker spaniel Daisy went missing from Hollingbourne, Kent, on Monday. Her owners, Pam, 77, and Bill Nash, 80, put out a Facebook appeal which has been shared 160,000 times. Dog thefts have surged since the first coronavirus lockdown in March. Dogs […]

Dog has no regrets after switching on a tap.

A clever dog who recently learned how to open doors wanted to try out the new trick. Shiner, a German short haired pointer, not only got into the closed bathroom, but also turned on the bath tap. Had Paige Bodden not returned in time, the rapidly-filling bathtub would’ve spilled and flooded the home. Luckily Paige […]

Dognappers get violent as price of puppies rises

The most accurate and helpful article regarding dog theft yet!! (Written by John Simpson for The Times Newspaper ) Link to on-line version: https://www.thetimes.co.uk/article/dognappers-get-violent-as-price-of-puppies-rises-xs8ptpx9k