Harley’s seven day runaway

From Lost Dog Recovery UK South… SAFE- HARLEY, a Romanian rescue escaped from his home on 27th February, the first sighting was 1.5 miles from home, so posters were quickly put up in surrounding villages, but it was hoped Harley would make his way back home to his German Shepherd friend Carrie. Subsequent sightings indicated […]

Boris, the 6ft Pyrenean mountain dog is bound to be a hit at Crufts!

He is over 6ft tall, described as ‘blond and nutty’ and enjoys being in front of the camera. Meet Boris – one of more than 70 Pyrenean mountain dogs hoping for glory at Crufts this week. And getting a big blond hound ready for judging is a huge task, as his owner Susan Reilly knows.  […]

The story of Twm the Border Collie

The time a community came together ❤️ I’d like to start by saying we cannot stress enough the importance of keeping our pets safe it’s a heartbreaking situation to be in as many know some are happy endings some are devastating. This is a happy story of the lovely Twm a young tri colour collie […]