This week’s volunteer of the week award goes to…

Selina Clarke! Selina was nominated 4 times, here’s why: From Jayne Hayes (Founder)… Selina deserves this because of her years of hard work helping dogs get back home. From Janice Wiggin (East Dorset Area Co-ordinator)… Selina has gone above and beyond to help get the dogs home safely. Her proactivity doesn’t always get the recognition […]

URGENT! Storm Ciara is on its way!

Storm Ciara is set to be the worst storm faced by Britain in seven years. Advice: Check your garden is secure before letting your dog(s) outside (if necessary keep your dog on a lead in the garden and if possible padlock your gate before Storm Ciara). If the storm is disrupting your dog’s exercise routine, […]

Volunteer of the Week Award is Back!

The volunteer of the week award is back, you can now nominate someone using the link below. We want to recognise everyone for the hard work they do therefore this award will be weekly and will be published on a Saturday (starting today for this week). Nominate them here!