Reuinted Inka!

VETS THAT GOT SCANNING Fantastic news to see stolen Inka reunited which is all down to the vets that scanned and contacted doglost as came up stolen as a puppy in August 2019 with Luna. Massive credit to the vets      Bristol Imperial Vets4Pets  They acted as we hope all vets would –  Inka was […]

Stolen Coco featured in the daily Mail

Fast Show star Simon Day releases CCTV footage of ‘burglar’ he says broke into his London home and stole family’s beloved pet dog, ‘Coco’ Casing a house in the middle of the night, this is the suspected burglar Fast Show star Simon Day says broke into his home and stole his dog. In CCTV footage […]

Police appeal for stolen dogs

Judy, Bo & Flea were stolen from their home in Barrow on Trent, Derby DE73 between 10:30am-3:30pm on Sunday 1st December Judy is a female, adult liver & white English Springer Spaniel Bo is a male, adult blue Bedlington Terrier Flea is a female, adult, black & white Jack Russell Terrier, long, rough coated with a […]