Stolen Willow in the Daily Express.

REGULAR Facebook users are accustomed to the almost daily plea from a distraught pet owner for help in finding their stolen dog. It is estimated that 60 a week are stolen in England and Wales – but this number could be much higher as many cases go unreported. So-called designer dogs are the pooch of […]

Volunteer of the month goes to…

Justine Quirk…So many  nominations for Justine as she has been tirelessly working on getting missing and stolen dogs highlighted in the media…Have chosen the nomination by London co-ordinator Karen… I’d like to put Justine Quirk forward as Volunteer of the Month This lady has only been with us since August 2018, but wow, what a […]

Please sign petition to get high ways authority to scan dead cats

Thousands of cats are just disposed of every year without being scanned for a chip after being involved in RTAs. Owners search for months and years and never get closure. Scanning takes two minutes. Cats are a part of a family and deserve to be returned home, not thrown into landfill. Why do councils not […]