How to keep your dog safe in the snow

It’s cold! It’s snowing! It’s all very exciting! But before you start shaping your snowballs and digging your mittens out of that cupboard under the stairs, take a moment to consider your dog. Yes, your pooch. If you’re cold, they’re cold too, and it’s vital to take some extra steps to make sure they’re happy […]

Pudgy pug who weighs MORE THAN A TODDLER made pin-up for pet weight-loss club

Twelve-year old Sugar piled on the pounds by not getting enough exercise but she has now been selected for the PDSA’s famous Pet Fit Club to help her fight the flab. This year marks the 14th anniversary of the national competition that has helped 137 flabby animals lose the equivalent in weight of 1,190 cans of dog food. Not that it is only man’s best friend […]

Woman finishes marathon holding puppy she rescued along the way

A woman from Bangkok ran 19 miles of a marathon clutching a puppy that she had rescued during the race. Khemjira Klongsanun spotted the tiny dog on the side of the road, with no mother or owner nearby. She was about seven miles into the race, but she decided to take a detour so she […]