Heroic woman jumps in frozen lake to save drowning dog

A woman has risked her life by jumping into a frozen lake in order to save an elderly man’s drowning dog. Witnesses said the hero, who has not been named, had to break up ‘chunks of ice’ in order to swim 20-metres to the bulldog-type breed in East Park, Hull. After climbing out she was […]

Mum dyes her Great Dane pink and purple to make her more ‘approachable

A mum had dyed her Great Dane pink and painted her nails, in hopes strangers will stop being so scared of her. 21-year-old Jessica Williams says she noticed strangers were often scared of Great Danes due to their size. To ease strangers’ fears – and to ensure her five-month-old puppy Drama was given heaps of […]

Cody missing for 10 weeks with lead attached

Lovely photo of Cody in the car on his way home…update from local co-ordinator Helen who has been instrumental with passing on details and reports of possible sightings…   Cody went missing on the 13th of December from Sheringham, Norfolk, he ran off from his owner and his lead was still attached, he was clipped […]