The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:

Stolen Pugsley reunited after 7 weeks

Update from co-ordinator Karen… Pugsley reunited after 7 weeks “I had a long conversation with Pugsley’s mum last night; she thinks he escaped from those that had stolen and kept him. Her little ‘Houdini’ was always getting out of his Halti, so perhaps he just wanted to go home!! He was found at 6.30pm walking […]

Artisan rescue important update

Many of you already know, Wayne our SAMPA representative  suffered a major heart attack last week. Thanks to paramedics and surgeons that operated immediately, they managed to save his life. This all happened while looking for a missing spaniel.  Due to the sudden feeling of being unwell he left his friends behind to head to hospital […]