Dog owner feeds her pet raw mice, birds, duck heads and rabbit feet

Mum Erin Christy dotes on her dog, two-year-old Boxador Dexter. A cross between a Labrador and Boxer, Erin loves him so much she is willing to spend up to £300 each month on feeding him raw meat. Shunning the average tin or packet of doggie grub, Erin feeds Dexter an exclusive diet of duck heads, […]

Volunteer of the week award goes to….

KatieF-area volunteer Somerset! Pictured above with ecstatic owners after 8 days of searching…. Well done Katie for searching during all the fireworks this week and getting a result! In Katies own words on Ludo’s Doglost timeline… Update. Ludo is home❤️🐾 I walked the Home fields squeaking my toy and calling – visiting the whole area. […]