The goodest boy ever saves the life of an abandoned baby koala

Dogs bring all sorts in after their walks; leaves and mud being the general things. Asha, a five-year-old golden retriever, gave her owner the shock of her life recently, bringing home an abandoned baby koala she’d saved. Asha’s owner Kerry McKinnon, 45 from Victoria in Australia, hadn’t even woken up yet when she had a […]

Mr Muk back home two months after being catnapped

LONDON (AP) – British police have made an unusual arrest of a man accused of stealing a cat. Scotland Yard said Wednesday a 22-year-old man is being questioned at a north London police station in connection with the theft of a cat in August. The cat is a large Siberian Forest ginger cat called Mr. […]

Dog fouling: Cardiff pet owners slate sports pitch ban plan

Dog owners in Cardiff have launched a campaign against plans to ban them from walking their pets on sports pitches. They face spot fines of £100 if caught breaking a proposed new public spaces protection order (PSPO). Penny Bowers, who has founded an action group, denounced the plan as “a sledgehammer to crack a nut” […]