Can dogs be vegan?

As vegetarianism and veganism continues to grow in popularity, many people ask, what do vegans feed their dogs? Seeing how majority of pet owners understand the importance of meat-based diet for canines, this is a valid question. So, can dogs be vegan and stay healthy? To start this off, let’s first acknowledge that vegan dog food […]

Breeding ‘Frankenstein’ designer dogs is ‘worldwide epidemic’ says expert as breeders strive to produce ‘weirder and weirder’ pets

Animal expert Madeline Bernstein has written an expose on designer dogs Her new book shows how there is a ‘lurid criminal world of cross breeding’  She said owners are being conned by these gangs into paying for ‘mutts’  Designer dogs have been made popular by celebrities such as Jenifer Aniston  By DARREN BOYLE FOR MAILONLINE PUBLISHED: 11:44, […]