Wanted your videos.

Another exciting developement! DogLost is setting up its own ” channel” on Youtube.  Please send any video appeals for missing doglost dogs, Reunions,rescues ( I know we have some dramatic ones floating around!)  and links to any TV programmes we have been on…if you cant find the links refresh us with which programme and approx […]

Injured Duke is home.

Cross posted with permission by Chops Carter… So Duke is cool beans 🙂 He was found this afternoon after there was another sighting and his dad Stuart raced over there while Adele kept watch and Kaylie (his aunt) got a taxi over there. IAATA work with whoever to get whatever animal home, but I’m so […]

Dachshund brought back to life.

A beloved family dog has miraculously been brought back to life after she was rushed to the vet following a seizure. Portia, a 10-year-old dachshund, had dilated pupils, a blue tongue and her heart stopped beating by the time she reached the surgery in Brisbane. Just two weeks earlier the pooch had been bitten by a […]