Lottie missing 3 years today.

Lottie went missing 3 years ago during a walk in Bute Park, Cardiff. Owners still desperately looking. ..Read Lotties DogLost timeline here… http://www.doglost.co.uk/dog-blog.php?dogId=84857

Update from Wayne May from Artisan rescue.

Had a call yesterday To Wayne and asked him what he had been up to this week…and he is raising the awareness for British barn owls…read up The British barn owl. Barn owl Latin name tyto alba, ( ancient greek meaning white owl ) First discovered in 1769 by Giovanni scopoli More about our rescue […]


Unfortunately although it sounds like the telephone line at HQ is ringing, it is actually not working because of a problem with Sky.   This also means no internet at the moment but Jayne is making every effort possible to get this situation resolved ASAP