And this is what Wayne did next…

After kindly helping out Marley and Damian yesterday …Wayne came back to look after the animals at his rescue Artisan…Unfortunately his car could not get through so he and his son ( whose birthday it is today) trekked through the snow for miles to care for his animals….and another lamb born….photos… New born lamb…aaah! With […]

Damian and Marley update.

Update from Wayne…Wayne also has a short video which cant be sent at the moment as his phone keeps freezing…will add as soon as we get it through… “As you already know we were called out by Medway Street Angels to look at Marley a 6 year old Staffordshire Bull Terrier. A vet had already […]

DogLost February stats.

Website stats for February 2018….Almost hit a million. 944,566 page views! 128,000 users. 612 pets reunited. 927 new members. 93,930 missing pet alerts sent to helpers. Blog Stats FEBRUARY 2018. 10,985 blog page views. Twitter Stats FEBRUARY 2018. 2,491 dogLost tweets sent out. 48,700 followers. 2491 Tweets 48,700 Followers