2018 dog calenders.

For those of us who did not get a dog calender for Christmas….

We have kindly been donated 100 Calenders to raise funds for doglost by  Jollyes Pet stores.

CJ will be sending a list of all the dog breed calenders available shortly….and I believe a few cat ones too!

Watch this space…Thanks for the photos CJ!

As you can see some are wall hanging and some are desk top…Have sent CJ down to the post office to check on postage as they are quite heavy…and will let you know more soon.



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    CJ 3 years ago

    Thanks to granddaughter Freya counting and listing all these …
    Listing of dog breeds with number held of each type
    Australian Shepherd -2
    Basset Hound – 1
    Bichon Frise -3
    Border Collie -2- SMALL
    Boston Terrier -3
    Boxer – 4
    Cockapoo -1
    cocker spaniel – 3
    The cocker spanial- 1
    corgi – 3
    Dachshund – 1
    Doberman- 1
    Dogue de Bordeaux – 1
    English springer- 2
    German short hair pointer – 2
    Goldendoodle- 1
    Golden retriever- 5
    Great Dane – 2
    Havanese – 2
    Jack Russell -1
    Labradoodle – 2
    Labrador Life – 1
    Labrador puppies- 2
    Chocolate Lab- 1
    Yellow Labrador – 1
    The labrador- 1
    Lhasa Apsa – 1
    Maltese – 4
    Minature Schnauzer- 4
    Pomeranian 3
    Poodle – 3
    Shetland sheepdog – 1
    Shih Tzu-1
    Siberian Husky -1
    Yorkie -3
    Weimaranner- 1
    west highland white – 3
    the puppies – 1
    Mucky pups – 2- SMALL
    The westie-2- SMALL
    Puppy Life – 1

    other animals
    Sleepy Cat- 1
    Bears – 1
    Guinea pig – 2- SMALL
    Tortoise – 2- SMALL
    Bearded Dragon- 2- SMALL
    Squadgoals – 1 (mixture of wild and domesticated animals )
    Retailed price of the large calendars is 9.99 and 7.99 for the smaller desk top ones and a few at 4.99 such as bearded dragons -guinea pig tortoise
    Most of these are size 31cm X 31cm so cannot be sent as large letter so has to be sent as small package which 2nd class is £2.90…as 3 of these weigh in at under 1kg..I would suggest if have friends then buy together as get 3 for same price as 1 for postage
    A few are smaller so can go at 1.58 Marked as SMALL

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    CJ 3 years ago

    as only a few of each breed if interested then will be on first come basis…

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