Catch up from admin…

Exciting news to start with….A vets has just called to say they scanned a French bulldog with halo scanner and it came up with ring doglost as reported missing to us….Checked the chip number and Sandokan went missing 4 years ago! Trying to contact owner but no answer…Jan has managed to find owner on FB […]

Gemma on Lost and found channel 4.

Great to see  owner following scenting advice sent by Alison from admin (especially the dog bed with the poster in…  just in case someone wonders why a dog is in a bed in the middle of nowhere!) … And  to see the  ordeal on film!  Owner was amazing! What a huge area to cover and […]

Is this a Nellie Doodles sketch?

Yes it is!   Thanks  to  Kent co-ordinator BB451 We have permission to use…more exciting news is that a limited signed edition print has been donated to the DogLost Facebook auction page! If you were wondering what to get the friend with everything…maybe the print below would be the perfect present…To see more of Nellies […]