Dogs of Christmas past 2016.

Photos by kind permission of the photographer…see more here…some  really lovely  photos! Lets start with one of last years great Christmas reunions. What would your best ever Christmas present be ?” said DogLost’s Jayne Hayes as she called the owner of a Pug stolen more than two years ago. Owner Maurice Loscombe couldn’t quite […]

Keeping your dog safe over Christmas.

Whilst we’re busy greeting guests and keeping everyone entertained and fed, it’s easy for dogs to slip out unnoticed – sometimes for hours before you realise. So here is a little advice to keep your four-legged family member safe:   Check that gates and fences are secure and that your dog can’t dig his way […]

What a week at HQ…

Where do I start? Lots of dogs back….some  DogLost dogs reunited on Channel 4 Lost and found each day…But feedback I am getting from people who have seen the show is they are only showing the reunited dogs….rather than the ones that were filmed and are still missing…It would really have helped owners to have […]