jaynes Journal

Why do I have a photo of a shop as tile header?  Its a local shop that at the moment is printing some sample t -shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces for us…due to collect today/tomorrow and will be wearing one each day so you can see what you think of them… Yesterday we had the best blog […]

Jaynes Journal.

And what an exciting ,busy day! Great footage on channel 4 Lost and found for missing dogs…Sarah did us proud! see the Creme tile for link to view. I was hoping to have mastered the selfie camera by now …sadly not!…so you are stuck with the recurring image.. See the shop has now been added […]

Creme on lost and found channel 4.

Lovely to see Creme being reunited on Lost and found and good to put a face to a name for volunteer sarah Price! The trap worked! Well done to the kennels for supplying. Was glad you were there Sarah to  drive the owners to the trap as they looked so excited I doubt if they […]