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Therapy sausage dog becomes fashion icon after appearing in Vogue

A sausage dog who found viral fame providing therapy to stressed out students has become a fashion celeb, appearing in Vogue magazine. Popular pup Jimmy Chipolata works as the UK’s first in-house student therapy sausage dog with his owner Debra Easter, 45. The impeccably dressed rescue dog was once twice his size and unable to […]

HAWKWIND – 50th Anniversary Tour – thinking of the dogs!!

Hawkwind are proud to be helping to raise awareness of the ever growing problem of pet theft.   Each day 7.5 dogs are stolen, and on average 28 dogs a day go missing in the UK, which is heartbreaking for the families concerned.   At every gig on our 50th anniversary tour, we will be […]

Tess’s reunited story.

Tess The Lurcher went Missing from Wigan 16/10/19 I had met Tess Personally when they lived close to me and received Endless messages from people asking me to Help. The first week we received no Confirmed sightings, I tried to convince the owner that its OK and early days, but even I was starting to […]


The following dogs are featured in the DogLost column in the current issue of The Countryman’s Weekly. For further details on each dog, enter the 6 digit DogLost ID in the search box on the website:

DogLost’s new Bark Out service.

Sapphy’s owner ( a cat) saw the optional service offered on DogLost and was the first to request this way of advertising her cat to a wider audience as Sapphy has never wandered before she thought he may have jumped into a delivery van as local posters brought no sightings in and the owner was […]

Dog so stressed by fireworks her ‘eyes popped’ and she went blind

A dog owner has revealed her dog went blind after her eyes ‘popped’ during a fireworks display. Margaret Adams, 85, said Suzy the Labrador cross experiences extreme distress when fireworks season begin every year. The grandmother explained how one Guy Fawkes night turned tragic as Suzy started ‘climbing the walls’ and ‘hiding in dark corners’. […]

Ellie’s story

In October 2018 all was normal for Ellie & her doting dad. 19th October was a normal Friday, they were off to work together & looking forward to a weekend of adventures. However, at the end of the day’s work on that fateful day, Ellie’s dad popped her in his van whilst he packed away […]

Victor…A dogs tale.

Introducing victor our recent arrival at the rescue, victor originally from Italy was rescued by a lovely lady and arrived in the U.k. a few month’s ago. Sadly he couldn’t be kept at his original placement home, as the new owner thought that Victor needed more than they could offer. Victor has already appeared on […]

Update from Artisan rescue.

We are launching a new appeal, to help replace our existing boat,  marine rescue. Our current boat is over a decade old and is no longer viable for us. A replacement boat will cost around a £1000.00. Our current boat runs between Greenhithe Kent, to Southend on sea, in the past we have rescued many swans, sea birds […]

Reunited savannah cat .

Well done Katie and Hazel…in Hazels words…. When I got the message that a cat was missing from Sea Mills I immediately set to work….lots of advice for the owner Laura Page and how to remain calm during such a stressful time! I didn’t appreciate the size of the cat until the photos came through […]

Video appeal to help find missing Bailey.

Thank you Claire Gresty N/W co-ordinator for making up this video appeal for Bailey…Please all share to help him get home. Watch the video here…   Follow Bailey’s Doglost timeline here…

How Glasgow pulled together to solve a ‘dognapping’

A stolen dog has been reunited with its owners after a social media campaign brought together a Glasgow community to track down the missing pet. Six-year-old Shih Tau Bichon cross Blake was stolen from outside a shop in the Gorbals area at 21:25 on Monday. Owner Kirsteen Marshall turned to social media and launched the […]

Woman’s horror as she thinks dog’s nose fell off

Dog sitting can be a lot of fun, but depending on the dog, it can also be a stressful experience. One woman, named Jade, was recently looking after her mum’s beloved pooch when she found herself very worried for the creature. Jade claims she was playing with Lenny the French bulldog when she noticed something […]

Yesterday at second chance rescue in Swanley Kent

Yesterday I was down in Swanley, Kent with Wayne May and the  wonderful John and his volunteers at second chance rescue to film a “tester” for possible participation in an upcoming TV series. The producer suggested we should have dogs in the take…Well they took over and thoroughly enjoyed themselves!  ( never presume Pugs are […]

Dog found alive after 4 weeks trapped under rubble in the Bahamas.

A drone flew over the wreckage, using an infrared camera to try to identify heat — a sign of possible life hidden amid the rubble. It had been a month since Hurricane Dorian decimated the Bahamas with Category 5 strength, killing at least 50 people. Search-and-rescue missions had long ago given way to stoic efforts […]

Woman lives with 27 dogs she saved when nobody else wanted them

An animal-lover adopted 27 sickly and disabled dogs when no one else wanted them. Claire-Louise Nixon, 48, takes in injured dogs, many of whom are paralysed, have been abused or have lost limbs from mines and explosives in war zones. She is regularly told by vets that there is no chance whatsoever of getting them […]

Reunited Zena hits the press.

A missing dog has finally been found after three women decided to get creative with their search. Zena – a Bosnian rescue dog – escaped through an open door at her foster home, back in April. The news of the lost puppy reached Shelly Spiller, Amanda James and Hazel Richards – the trio behind the […]

Adorable dog’s face looks very human and people can’t get enough

This adorable doggo is baffling the internet as he looks human, with people wondering whether his owners used a face-swapping app for photos. The pooch in question, Nori, is an Aussiepoo mix – a designer breed which has puzzled folks in the past due to their human-like resemblance. Nori’s large, almond-shaped eyes that have just […]