Would you punch a bully in the face to prevent them from killing a dog?

Answered on Qoura by Craig Meredith…

Years ago I was running along the river bank and came across a guy throwing a dog into the river with its legs tied together. He was presumably euthanizing the dog using an extremely inhumane method. Now whilst this guy looked mid-20s and reasonably “tough”, I had been training in martial arts for years and at the time was training around 30 hours per week. So I reacted without a great deal of thought. I dove into the water and rescued the dog, to which this guy responded with much anger and yelling that what I had witnessed was “none of my business”.

By this time I had untied the dog and was standing by the river wet, cold and holding a lengthy piece of rope. This guy became quite threatening to myself and was very clear that he was simply going to repeat his actions with the dog. I reacted again without much thought … quickly subdued the guy physically … tied his arms and legs together … and threw him off the end of a jetty. I watched this guy struggle for a while, dragged him out of the river and left him on the river bank still tied up. I walked off with the dog and never heard anything further. I would assume that the guy didn’t call the police or anything to report my actions, and I suspect he was not the type that would want to involve the police in his affairs.

The dog seemed to be a very friendly labrador/kelpie cross under twelve months old. I already had pets so I finished up rehoming him with a friend, who cherished this dog for another 15 years or so.

This all happened around 25 years ago, before the days of mobile phones and cameras. Would I react any differently now knowing that someone could video and post my actions and potentially finish up in trouble with the police … nope, I suspect I would react in exactly the same way

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