Woman lives with 27 dogs she saved when nobody else wanted them

An animal-lover adopted 27 sickly and disabled dogs when no one else wanted them. Claire-Louise Nixon, 48, takes in injured dogs, many of whom are paralysed, have been abused or have lost limbs from mines and explosives in war zones. She is regularly told by vets that there is no chance whatsoever of getting them walking again, but continues to shock professionals by working ‘miracles’. All 27 dogs are named after famous people, with Claire selecting them based on each dog’s unique personality and experience. One pup rescued from Romania is called Sir Elton John after he was ran over and left on the road to die, leaving him with a broken spine. Thanks to Claire, he can now go on small walks and was named after the British musician because of his song I’m Still Standing.

No matter what the dog’s condition, Claire is determined to get them back on their feet and puts them through physio sessions and walks on wheels. She said: ‘When I get these dogs who are in such a bad way, the vet would say: “Claire, you won’t get them walking again”.

They say we work miracles with them! ‘I think all they need is love, kindness and patience. When they walk into my house they see other dogs like them so they don’t feel any different that’s why I think they do so well here. ‘If you give them a reason to walk again then they will.’ Her mission began 12 years ago when a puppy who was a few days old was brought to the vets to be put down, with a hair lip and cleft palate preventing him from suckling milk.

Claire hand-reared the pup, named Thomas Cook, but never imagined that taking care of him would lead to having a home filled with 27 sickly dogs. She always tries to find another owner for them at first, but often their needs are too complex, with some even having to wear nappies. Looking after her brood is a full-time job, with feeding time, exercise, doggy hydrotherapy and daily baths to keep them infection-free regularly taking from 6am until midnight. However, the dog-lover, who lives in Milton Keynes with her husband Gary, 50 and daughter Rhia-Louise, 22,  says they’re now all ‘part of the family’


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